Life is a jigsaw puzzle (Arpita Gantayet)

Life is a jigsaw puzzle
So colourful, so unique, so obscure
The final picture pre-defined for us
The puzzle pieces lying patiently on the shore

As we start the puzzle from scratch
Leading life the way it must go
We begin to envision the future…
Envision the pattern we want our puzzle to show

But life is a jigsaw puzzle
With a picture that is pre-designed
It is not in our hands to change
But it is in our hands to enjoy

The fun in this game is to figure it out
To fit one piece with the other… and to marvel aloud
At the connection we never thought possible,
At the event that we despaired,
At the chance meeting we never gave a second thought to,
At the life goal we thought was impaired.

‘Cause it’s only as the picture becomes clearer
That we come to realize
“All that happens, happens for a reason”
And that’s when we see lifes’ beauty materialize

All those experiences, all the memories,
All those people from far and near,
All those failures, all those triumphs,
All those dreams and even that biggest fear…
All fitting perfectly together in that complicated puzzle we call life
And making each jigsaw puzzle so unique and so vibrantly alive

And when the puzzle is complete and it is time to go
This puzzle is our masterpiece
That on the world we bestow
A means to remember by, a symbol of our legacy
Life is this jigsaw puzzle…
So colourful, so obscure, so unique

by Arpita Gantayet


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