Farewell Letter of an Angry Organ (Peter Farag)

The following is an angry organ’s farewell letter to its host. Can you guess which one?

You went under the scalpel to remove a bag of stones.

You knew I was innocent and you felt it in your bones.

Yet the doc still had his way, smearing my loyalty with doubt.

And you quietly consented as he pulled me right out.

Why did you question my function and throw it up for debate?

Your immunity I helped build! Now I’ve become dead weight?

But the advisors knew the truth. You just had to cecum for help.

McBurney and Rovsing. Did you consult them young whelp?

But now what’s done is done. I won’t moan nor cry

No more daily tolerance of your shit passing by.

Now the forsaken ‘worm’ departs with many paths to cruise

Three highways start at my house. Now which one to choose?

Medical Consideration: Shall we remove that healthy Organ while we’re at it?

…scroll down for hints…


vermiform = worm-shaped
bag of stones = gallbladder
highways = tenia coli
advisors = signs of respective pathology


…scroll down for the answer…

The Appendix!

by Peter Farag

Article of inspiration: Grewal, R. S. (2011). A defence of the vermiform appendix. CMAJ, 183(13), 1556.

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