The Stethoscope (Dannie Abse)

Through it,
over young women’s tense abdomens,
I have heard the sound of creation
and, in a dead man’s chest, the silence before creation began.

Should I
pray therefore? Hold this instrument in awe
and aloft a procession of banners?
Hang this thing in the interior
of a cold, mushroom-dark church?

Should I
kneel before it, chant an apophthegm
from a small text? Mimic priest or rabbi,
the swaying noises of religious men?
Never! Yet I could praise it.

I should
by doing so celebrate my own ears,
by praising them praise speech at midnight
when men become philosophers;
laughter of the sane and insane;

night cries
of injured creatures, wide-eyed or blind;
moonlight sonatas on a needle;
lovers with doves in their throats; the wind
travelling from where it began.

Discussion Questions
What does the stethoscope symbolize?
What do you think the narrator believes underlies the truly successful practice of medicine?


What do you think?

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