Monthly Theme, October 2014: Become a Physician

Becoming a physician is no small undertaking, but it is a well-worn path that many have walked before you and that many will walk after you. And it is the path you choose to walk that will enrich your life. In medical school, you will experience things beyond your imagination. You will be amazed, and you will be confused. You will experience possibly the highest and lowest points of your life thus far.  You will be given unique privileges – patients will willingly reveal their personal information and physical body to you, a privilege to which the only responses are respect and compassion in return. To highlight this theme, we have selected two pieces:

Gaudeamus Igitur is a poem for the medical student as they transition from the classroom to the clinic. Glimpses into the future, through the telescope of insight, show obstacles, tragedies, uncertainty and joy in a lifelong journey ahead.

House Calls is a story about the evolution of medical therapy through an entire lifetime of practice.

We hope you enjoy reading this month’s pieces.


What do you think?

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