Becoming a Physician (RageMD)


Created by our very own Rageen Rajendram of the 1T8 Class! Instrumental produced by Apollo Brown. Check out more of Rageen’s work on his Facebook page.


This is a verse about becoming a Physician/
The decision to listen to the conviction, dreams comin’ into fruition/
I wrote this verse for Artbeat, just a taste of my intuition/
A rendition of leavin you in a condition, where you expect me to listen/
That when you speak your mind right, you trust my knowledge and wisdom/
The years of hard work, that’ll let me cure your condition/
Sense a little bit of hesitation, but it’s just the beginnin’
I’m just gettin’ into the rhythm, and I know soon I will glisten’/
Sit down right here it’s your turn to speak/
Just want you to say a few words, listen to your heart beat/
Don’t murmur, this practice, it’ll take me further over the highest peak/
I’ll treat you like i’ve been doin’ this from my first week/
Of birth, down to earth,
use what I know to take away the hurt/
Do the best that I can whatever my words are worth/
Now we in this together, for better for worse/
On a journey together, its okay to curse/
Through the hills and valleys we’ll get thru it don’t burst/
Now let my flow satisfy your thirst/


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