Dead or Dyin’ (RageMD)

1799057_10202861557574162_5500603753922745186_oPhoto cred: Justin Lam (1T7)

Created by our very own Rageen Rajendram of the 1T8 Class! Instrumental produced by Art Aknid. Check out more of Rageen’s work on his Facebook page.


Is this death or dyin’
Are we dead or dyin’
Are we fallin or flyin’
Hold on to your life, I can hear you cryin’

As death creeps closer your patience is tested/
The toaster of life ejected, the bread and butter we spread it/
A roller coaster of emotions swirlin’ in an ocean the potion/
Is at the bottom and we sinkin hopin’ to reach the bed and/
Crawlin’ to the edge and tryina muffle our screams/
Dreams about dyin’ but life is never what it seems/
Tangled in a blanket tearin’ at the seams/
A dope feign who OD’ed on morphine but we a team/
Dont matter how you got here or that your eighteen/
Low self-esteem, a victim of your environment know what i mean/
Your parents waited while you were intubated/
Debated bout the life they gave, whether it would be rated/
Graded C based on the decision they made and/
You fadin’/
im doin’ whatever I can to keep you breathin’/
Believin’ in the forces at hand keepin’ you from leavin’/
as you take your last breath i’m wonderin when you really died/
was it in the cold outside, or cause of the drugs inside/
or when the dealer handed you that needle one night/
maybe it was the infection you were just too feeble to fight/
dealin’ with the world, suffocatin’, your airways gettin’ tight/
a lack of education in a world preoccupied with gettin’ your race right/
disregardin’ that your family made it here from a war torn nation/
started at the bottom, a little complacent about their placement/
but eager to make the most out of their situation/
little did they know that they’d be racin’ /
life would get harder than tiein’ shoelaces/
Feelin’ your radial pulse wonderin’ if you hated us/
Lettin’ you down when you most needed us/
Trusted us with your care and believed in us/
I stop, turn around to your parents and say he’s leavin us/



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