This Month’s Faculty Feature: “Do Something” by Dr. Jean Hudson

Do Something
By Dr. Jean Hudson


Biography: Dr. Jean Hudson is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine Queen’s University, and has since 1998 been a practicing Family Physician with a special interest in palliative care, at Credit Valley Hospital and now Trillium Health Partners. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine. She recently completed a Master’s Degree in Health Professions Education at the Dalla School of Public Health. For the last year, she has been the ASCM-1 Course Director. She has been an ASCM-1 tutor for six years as well as the ASCM-1 site coordinator, and has also served as the Family Medicine Clerkship coordinator at Credit Valley Hospital.

My wife.
Why did they?
Why didn’t they?
If only we had gone to …
Her family doctor missed it.
Her specialist missed it.
Did you know there is a specialist in the States who could fix this?
If only the surgeon had operated sooner …
Why did we have to wait?
They said it wouldn’t matter.
Why didn’t we get more chemotherapy?
Why did they stop chemotherapy?
Why can’t we try?
She’s going to die anyway, why don’t you try?
Why aren’t you doing anything?
Nobody cares.
Nobody listens.
Nobody respects me.
In my country, this would never happen.
You’re just letting her die.
This is a death ward.
This is a deathbed.
Nobody comes.
My wife’s dying, do something.
You doctors are quacks.
Don’t patronize me.
It’s a simple problem, make her nausea go away.
I’m fine; I don’t need help; just make my wife better.
I don’t need a social worker.
I don’t need a psychiatrist; there’s nothing wrong with me; just help my wife.
I don’t trust this system.
I want another doctor.
I want another hospital.
I want another nurse.
I want more tests.
She has no nutrition, do something; feed her.
It’s in God’s hands.
It isn’t up to you, only God knows.
Nobody knows, how do you know?
A miracle will happen.
Why are you giving up?
You aren’t God.
You’re the doctor, you should know.
I know she’s going to die, do something now.

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