ArtBeat– The University of Toronto UGME Arts and Humanities Blog


ArtBeat came into being to inspire and encourage medical students at the University of Toronto to nourish and express their creativity. It is primarily a student-to-student exchange of ideas, perspectives, and visual and literary texts which will provide students with a medium for introspection and reflection.

This blog aims to accomplish the above by:

  • distributing the content of the Companion Curriculum, a series of weekly literary readings correlated with the biomedical lecture materials;
  • eliciting and posting student contributions to the blog in all forms – reflections, written texts, visual art, videos, podcasts, etc;
  • encouraging respectful and professional discussion on the aforementioned content; and
  • informing interested students of the various arts and humanities initiatives underway at UofT, how they can take part, and how we can build a vibrant arts-based learning community.


By generating more interest and motivating medical students to explore the arts and humanities, the ArtBeat hopes to bring focus to the art of medicine – which encompasses much more than just the scientific & clinical knowledge. We will be creating an ongoing dialogue about the human side of medicine and our role in providing compassionate, ethical care to our patients and their families.

For those interested in learning more about what the medical humanities can accomplish, read Johanna Shapiro’s post on what are the inherent intersections between health humanities and professionalism:  Toward the clinical humanities: How literature and the arts can help shape humanism and professionalism in medical education