img_2665-1ArtBeat Executive Lead, Music in Medicine Lead

Music. Visual Art. Film. Poetry. History. Literature. All have been crucial in my personal development and enriched my understanding of other people, their cultures, their stories, and my relationship to them. My work as an accredited music therapist has helped me to enhance this passion and  recognize the importance of the arts in healthcare. I found in ArtBeat an opportunity to bring together those who appreciate the arts, and to encourage those less familiar to try something new so that we can all embrace the heart and soul of medicine: caring for human beings who are sick and vulnerable.

Music in Medicine is a speaker series that brings together professionals (musicians, music lovers, scholars, scientists, researchers) from across Toronto to discuss the impact of music on health, wellbeing, and the lives of our future patients. Attending these talks will help you gain a deeper understanding of music therapy, music cognition, and the broad applications of music in modern healthcare.

Recommended listening: Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On” the entire album. Why? Because what goes on in the world around us impacts healthcare, and our patients. Whether it be pollution, war, famine, homelessness, the troubles of inner-city life, this album touches on all these themes in the most musically brilliant, beautiful, and powerful 40 minutes you could ever experience. Listen Up!