alon-coret-1Faculty Interviews Lead

Coming into medical school with a predominantly arts background, I was interested in getting involved with a group of like-minded individuals. ArtBeat is a really awesome group that emphasizes the ways in which the humanities – in their many forms – can contribute to our understanding of ourselves, our world, and in this case, medicine.

The goal of the faculty interviews is to showcase the lives and works of unique educators here at U of T. Their fields of interest are wide-ranging, but they all touch on – and are inspired by – the humanities. As part of this portfolio, we brainstorm ideas of people to interview, conduct a one-on-one conversation with them, transcribe the interview, and edit it down to a concise and interesting piece. This is a great way to meet some incredibly cool and inspiring people!

Recommended reading: I remember reading through this booklet last summer and certainly would suggest that fellow medical students take a look!