Eleven Blue Men (Berton Roueché)

At about eight o'clock on Monday morning, September 25, 1944, a ragged, aimless old man of eighty-two collapsed on the sidewalk on Dey Street, near the Hudson Terminal. Innumerable people must have noticed him, but he lay there alone for several minutes, dazed, doubled up with abdominal cramps, and in an agony of retching. Then … Continue reading Eleven Blue Men (Berton Roueché)

Blood (Liam Duncan)

I didn't know you could die from a bleeding nose. He is shouting at me, face deep in a sodden towel. His voice is muffled and faintly gurgling but there is a resonance that I could never mistake. He tells me to go through the red light-he can sense me stopping and will not have … Continue reading Blood (Liam Duncan)