bio pic.jpgLet’s be honest, I’m no artist. Once I tried my hand at painting and the results were so awful I could hear the watercolours weeping from the canvas. And yet, in spite of my utter inability to create art, I am a fool for beauty. Which is exactly what led me to the doorsteps of ArtBeat. I see in ArtBeat a group that seeks to inject art – from poetry to prose, plays to paintings – into the minds of medical students. And I love that.

This year I’m going to be leading Arts & Letters, which is an old U of T medicine tradition where medical students would get together and go to galleries, plays, conversation circles, and all kinds of fun arts and humanities related events. My goal with Arts & Letters is not just to expose the student body to art, but also to create a free space for medical students to just be themselves.

Recommended listening: It’s my personal conviction that dancing is the purest form of human expression and perhaps the healthiest way to truly transcend. The music plays, the body moves, and all is forgotten. This song by England/Ghana based duo The Busy Twist will most certainly make you dance. Enjoy!