Past Faculty Features


Dr. Allan Peterkin
Dr. Ron Charach
Dr. Marlene Goldman
Dr. Jean Hudson
Dr. Allison Crawford
Ms. Ronna Bloom
, Psychotherapist and Poet-in-Residence at Mt Sinai Hospital
Dr. Trevor Young, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Past Student Submissions


“Motherhood” – short story by Paige Zhang (1T7).
“A Caregiver Speaks Out” – poem by Peter Farag (1T7).
“The Interview Question I Almost Boycotted” – reflection by Azza Eissa (1T7).
“Why I Come to Class” – reflection by Justin Lam (1T7).
“Becoming a Physician” – rap song by Rageen Rajendram (1T8).
“Dead or Dyin'” – rap song Rageen Rajendram (1T8).
“A Feast for the Senses” – poem by Benjamin Chin-Yee (1T7).


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