Rageen Rajendram aka RageMD is a second year medical student at UofT and a hiphop artist. He describes his music as the soundtrack to his life flowing from beat to beat. “Medicine Man” was the last verse of a 3 part series he did for ArtBeat last year. The song touches on mental health, war, and PTSD. Listen and comment below.

“Medicine Man” by RageMD

this ward is my home, i said this war is my home/
and my mind’s boxed in a time lock and a lot is unknown/
no man’s land, what do you call your own when your alone?/
like seein’ a kid in a war zone from the eye of a drone/
in a cold world lookin’ forward one could always atone/
he sold dope no he sold hope, to the statues of stone/
when in rome, break the mold instead of being a clone/
foldin’ the script the prescription’s psychotropics in a scone/
pick up the phone, the script’s gettin’ criptic/
reality in an hourglass as the sand falls these words humanistic/
realistic like a magnifying glass on an ant crawlin’ on this stick/
just a kid stickin to the waves on a trip lickin’ fishsticks/
takin ficticious risks gettin pissed over the meaning of lists/
takin the path of least resistance, pills in a cup take this sip/
therapeutic whisps of anger fill the air take a sniff/
the ink from my pen spillin’ life into your IV drip/

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