2015 Arbor Awards Ceremony
Carol Nash – 2015 Arbor Awards Ceremony

Three poems by Carol Nash, PhD. Dr. Nash is a Scholar in Residence within the Department in Psychiatry as part of the History of Medicine program. She is the facilitator of the Health Narratives Research Group.

What I think of her


I heard myself say

Strange, I thought

Why did I raise my voice?

It was the unexpected

and constant talking

the inability to want to learn

I had not seen it

It must have been there

all along

But years of complicity

of other voices

finding different faults

ones that I could not support

made me blind—no—indifferent

to the constant chatter

a nervousness—so I thought

But, in truth, it was

more of a problem than I ever imagined

Yet, you don’t call for


you persist

In your need to remain

the same

Do you want to

go on?

I wonder

Soon, I may act,

but for now

I am

just curious

that I have

missed so much

for so long.

* * * *


An End to a piece

forever ingrained

the way it was


Never to live again

except though

the reading

oh to find life

in what is forever closed

I turn my back

more to come

* * * *

What she thinks of me


a know-it-all

a protector

someone to fear

yet someone

to tell stories to

to get an opinion

to blame

Where is the closeness

that might be there?

What is the problem?

which lens

can I fashion

to suit

the relationship

so that there is


than this constant


I continue to search

* * * *

Three poems written by Carol Nash at the February 12, 2015 workshop facilitated by Ronna Bloom entitled Scars, X-Rays Tattoos and Other Stories of the Body