IMG_20160507_115757 (1).jpgLiterature has always been an important part of my life. I have found that in medical school particularly, writing and reading stories and poetry has allowed me to cope with seeing patients in pain and hearing about their hardships. I joined ArtBeat to explore medical humanities, narrative medicine and using art as a means for connecting with patients and colleagues.

As the Social Media lead, I’m responsible for running the ArtBeat Facebook page, twitter and, most importantly, our beautiful blog full of stories, poems, artwork, music and videos that are there to connect with U of T health professional students. We are always eager for student and faculty submissions to our blog and may be holding writing and editing sessions this year!

Recommended viewing: Rupi Kaur’s TED talk “I’m Taking My Body Back.”She begins with a beautiful spoken word poem about overcoming trauma that provides an important perspective on sexual assault, and suffering in general. We will all see patients that have been through incredible trauma, and understanding the way that they see the world will be imperative to providing empathetic care.

Warning: This talk contains descriptions of sexual violence which may be triggering to survivors