Reha Kumar, Companion Curriculum Lead

Arts & Humanities Companion Curriculum

As cliched as it may sound, I got involved with ArtBeat because I love art. I’ve always found reading, writing and drawing to be a great way to de-stress, express ideas and reflect on everything that’s happening around me. I also really enjoyed participating in ArtBeat events during first year and I’m exciting about all the new initiative we have planned!

The Arts & Humanities Companion Curriculum is a compilation of literary pieces put together by Undergraduate Medical faculty and students at U of T. It was developed to complement the science-focused academic curriculum and to provide students with insights regarding the experiences of patients, families, their peers and other healthcare professionals. ArtBeat works with faculty advisors to integrate reflection into preclerkship and create forums for discussion.

Recommended reading: http://samuelshem.com/bergman.pdf – one of my favourite pieces, I think his advice on resisting inhumanities in medicine is especially relevant for healthcare professional students.