A Feast for the Senses (Ben Chin-Yee)

They say smell is the sense most linked to memory But I doubt this stench of formaldehyde will help me to remember The path of cranial nerve III, or the branches of the celiac artery The origin and insertion of the flexor digiti minimi? I cannot recall… In our visual world, smell the neglected sense … Continue reading A Feast for the Senses (Ben Chin-Yee)


Autopsy in the Form of an Elegy

by John Stone Download PDF In the chest in the heart was a vessel was the pulse was the art was the love was the clot small and slow and the scar that could not know the rest of you was very nearly perfect.

The Fabricated Body: History of Anatomy (Jacalyn Duffin)

Anatomy is to physiology, as geography to history; it describes the theatre of events. - Jean-Fernel, On the Natural Part of Medicine (1542); cited in C. Sherrington, The Endeavour of John Fernel (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1946), 64 Anatomy is the study of the structure of the body. Today it seems integral to the study … Continue reading The Fabricated Body: History of Anatomy (Jacalyn Duffin)