No Free Lunch (Paul Jung)

PREFACE: It is no secret that drug com- panies operate in a world of high risks and potentially high gains. Recouping large in- vestments made in new drug research and development and maximizing corporate profits depend on persuading the medical community to prescribe as much of specific medications as possible. That persuasion takes many forms, … Continue reading No Free Lunch (Paul Jung)


The Delivery – Part 3 (J.R. McConnery)

The stack of papers had diminished in size and the heat rising off his half eaten cashew chicken and basmati had long since disappeared when Wilson heard a faint scraping. He’d heard it all of his life. The door to his apartment when he was a kid, and he’d huddled under the blankets as his … Continue reading The Delivery – Part 3 (J.R. McConnery)

The Delivery – Part 2 (J.R. McConnery)

Wilson let the CA fall to his desk as he sat down. It clattered toward the edge, but he made no move to catch it. He’d adapted to it, but every so often he was reminded how strange it was having a computer diagnose his patients for him. When he’d trained with the thing, it … Continue reading The Delivery – Part 2 (J.R. McConnery)