Here you are. At the formal entry onto the wards. There will be times when you feel like you know absolutely nothing, and sometimes when you feel like you might just be starting to piece things together. These years will be some of the toughest you’ve ever faced on your journey so far, but also some of the most rewarding.

Anesthesia: Gurney Tears, Starting the IV, and When the Blood Fell Short of Her Toes

Dermatology: Crimson Tide

ENT: A Man of Taste

Emergency Medicine: First suture and I am a Ghost

Family Medicine: A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat, Fat Lady, The Ship Pounding, and Surrendering The Keys

Internal Medicine: Diabetes: “Sugar” and Code Blue

Ob/Gyn: Lauren Asks Me About ChildbirthIt Was My First Nursing Job, Of Unborn ChildrenSudanese Voices

Ophthalmology: The Blindman’s Song

Pediatrics: The Crickets Have Arthritis and The Use of Force

Psychiatry: The Brain on the Stand and The Mental Status Exam

Surgery: Aeneid XIIWhen I Am in Doubt, and Surgery Rotation


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