This is where it all begins. From the first anatomy lab to the first patient interview, this is when medical students take the first steps forward in the transition from layperson to medical professional. Many experiences in this year will be new ones, viewed as an outsider looking into a culture that might surprise, scare, or excite us.

STF Readings
Week 1: Gaudeamus Igitur and Pathology of Colours
Week 2: From the Heart and Anatomy Lesson
Week 3: The Woman Who Could Not Live With Her Faulty Heart and The Practice
Week 4: House Calls and Language and Healing in History
Week 5: Ancient Gentility and Bridging the Culture Gap
Week 6: What the Uneducated Old Woman Told Me and The Computer & the Hernia Factory
Week 7: A Letter to my cadaver with some questions I still have and When Young Doctors Strut Too Much of Their Stuff
Week 8: Fiction as Resistance and Autopsy in the Form of an Elegy
Week 9: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down and The Use of Force
Week 10: Three Women and Theatre of Pain
Week 11: Cadaver and The man with stars inside him
Week 12: The Stethoscope and The Anatomy Lesson
Week 13: Carnal Knowledge and The Last Decision
Week 14: Episode of Hands
Week 15: Fear of Gray’s Anatomy and Ode on a Grecian Urn

MNU Readings
Week 1: What is a Profession? and What is a Clinician and What Does He Do?
Week 2: The Short Arm of Chromosome 4
Week 3: A New Mother’s Challenge
Week 4: Chekhov and Telling Him He Has Cancer of the Lung
Week 5: My Most Humiliating Jim Crow Experience and Technology and Medicine
Week 6: A Worker’s Speech to a Doctor and The City
Week 7: The Surgeon and I’m Gonna Slap Those Doctors
Week 8: Home and The Art of Healing
Week 9: The Clinic and Mr. Delfour’s Other File

BRB Readings
Week 1: No Free Lunch and First Do No Harm: history of pharmacology
Week 2: The Promise and The Treatment
Week 3: The Doctor and The Fabricated Body: History of Anatomy
Week 4: I Felt a Funeral In My Brain and Surgeons Must Be Very Careful
Week 5: The Bottle
Week 6: Spring and All and Heiligenstadt Testament
Week 7: After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes
Week 8: Monet Refuses the Operation and He Had a Good Year
Week 9: Bruno
Week 10: Ode on Melancholy and The Mental Status Exam