Coming back from summer, you might find that you don’t remember everything that you learned in the past year. To your surprise, though, things are becoming more familiar as you build on the material that you learned in the past year, and medical terms are beginning to feel like second nature. There’s still a lot to learn, but you might start feeling a bit more comfortable with it all.

Week 1: Famine Relief and Pathology Report
Week 2: The Development of the Medical Student and A Little Medical Afflictionary
Week 3: Kidneys and the Kindness of Strangers and The Student Life
Week 4: Suffering and The Plague
Week 5: The Worm and Considering Life Before Lifestyle
Week 6: Voices from the Clinic: AIDS Then and Now and In the Microscope
Week 7: Welcome to Cancerland and Nine Deaths
Week 8: Making it Literal and Letter of 1812, Fanny Burney
Week 9: Learning Genetics and Anencephaly
Week 10: Talking to the Family and The Egg and the Sperm
Week 11: Delivery, The Smile Was, and Things Taken
Week 12: Hooked on Neonatology, Admission, Children’s Unit, and Eden and I Are Playing Go Fish
Week 13: Excerpt from Ode: Intimations of Immortality and Swimming Pool
Week 14: The Common Cold and Communion
Week 15: An Act of Kindness and CPSO Procedural Hearing
Week 16: Banting’s Idea and What the Doctor Said
Week 17: Paper Pills, Therapy, and Opium: The Diary of a Cure
Week 18: Myself Healed and How to Be a Doctor
Week 19: Victim to One Hundred and Seven Fatal Maladies and When I have fears that I may cease to be
Week 20: Whose Body Is It, Anyway? and The Knife
Week 21: Anatomy of an Illness (as perceived by the patient) and Shadows
Week 22: Notes on Emphysema and Jean Beckie
Week 23: Hearing Impairment
Week 24: Ruminations on a Technical Paper
Week 25: Body Language and Bone
Week 26: The Wound Dresser and Torn
Week 27: The Mystery of Pain, The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine, and Pain Scale
Week 28: Disabled Country and The Country of the Blind
Week 29: Dialysis and Father and Son Road Show
Week 30: Blood and Eleven Blue Men
Week 31: Sperm Test and The Grand Urinal of the Elks
Week 32: Chronic Heart Disease and He Makes a House Call
Week 33: Murmur and Neighbour Rosicky
Week 34: Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night and The Last Words of my English Grandmother
Week 35: Skin and The Girl with a Pimply Face
Week 36: Intern and M&M


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