March Theme: Patient Frustration

As doctors, we often approach our patients with the best of intentions, but sometimes, even those are not enough. Over the course of our career, patients will become frustrated by their care for a variety of reasons – some outside of our control, and some within. It is in these moments that our ability to empathize with our patients are truly tested. Dive into the perspective of the upset patient to see what makes them tick.

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This Month’s Faculty Feature: Dr. Izzeldin Abulaish

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, MD, MPH, is a Palestinian doctor who was born and raised in the Jabalia Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. He is a passionate and eloquent proponent of peace between Palestinians and Israelis and has dedicated his life to using health as a vehicle for peace. He has succeeded despite all odds through a great determination of spirit, a strong faith, and a stalwart belief in hope and family.

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